Reports and Data

The CPUC is required to report annually to the state legislature on IOU progress toward their RPS goals and substantive actions taken to achieve those goals. The two reports that are required annually have information on 1)  RPS program cost savings and 2)  progress and status of the RPS program.  Past reports to the Legislature are available below.


  • Annual RPS Annual Report to the Legislature - November 2017
  • RPS 2017 Padilla Report to the Legislature on Costs and Savings for the RPS in 2016 (Pursuant to Public Utilities Code Section 913.3): May 2017
  • Past RPS Reports


Energy Division collects monthly project data through the RPS database which tracks the development status of all renewable energy projects executed by the three large IOUs.  This data is used by staff to inform legislative reports, briefing documents, and discussions related to renewable procurement.  The public data file below contains non-confidential information from the RPS project database.

Public information of investor owned utility renewable contracts under the RPS program include:  contract summaries, contract counterparties, resource type, location, delivery point, expected deliveries, capacity, length of contract, and online date.  Other terms of renewable contracts are confidential for three years from the date the contract begins deliveries or until one year following expiration, whichever comes first.  Please see the Confidentiality Matrix for more information.

The publicly available RPS contracts with commercial online dates through 2013 are located here.  Staff is in the process of creating a comprehensive repository for projects with commercial online dates through 2015.

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