Safety Model Assessment Proceeding (SMAP) -- A.15-05-002 et al.

Originating from R.13-11-006 and D.14-12-025


Safety Model Assessment Proceeding (A.15-05-002, et al) (President Picker/ALJ Kersten)(Advisory): In compliance with D.14-12-025, the four major investor-owned utilities on May 1 filed applications to initiate a new Safety Model Assessment Proceeding (SMAP).  Risk Assessment section provides advisory support, conducts workshops and facilitates working groups.  Staff conducted initial review of the applications, and provided a preliminary assessment of how well the applications conform to Commission guidance in D. 14-12-025.  Staff worked closely with Assigned Commissioner and ALJ on drafting the Scoping Memo and case management plan.  Staff organized and facilitated four workshops on SMAP development and also issued a whitepaper on the “As Low As Reasonably Practicable” (ALARP) concept for safety cost/benefit analysis.  2016 Actions: This proceeding will provide guidance for Risk Assessment Mitigation Phase (RAMP) of future General Rate Cases (starting with San Diego Gas & Electric/Southern California Gas in October 2016) and establish expectations for subsequent utility spending and safety improvement accountability reports. Staff will produce an evaluation report in early 2016. 


SMAP Phase II Test Drive

 Constructing a Multi-Attribute Value Function (Step 1) 

 Recent Document  

   (SED Phase I Evaluation Report)


 Presentations from Recent Workshops 

  Phase II Workshops: 

    Safety Model Assessment Proceeding (A.15-05-002 et al.), Phase II, Workshop # 1, October 21, 2016:

  1. SED SMAP Workshop 5 Introduction 
  2. Joint Intervenors' Presentation 
  3. Joint Intervenors' Proposal for Test Drive 
  4. Joint Utilities' SMAP White Paper by Hubbard and Savage 
  5. Sempra Utilities Presentation 
  6. SED Presentation on What a Successful Drive Looks Like 


  Phase I Workshops: 

    Safety Model Assessment Proceeding (A.15-05-002 et al.) Workshop #5, January 25, 2016, presentations:

  1. SED Workshop Slides for SMAP #5  
  2. Energy Producers and Users Coalition, Indicated Shippers, and The Utility Reform Network  
  3. Mussey Grade Road Alliance 


Safety Model Assessment Proceeding (A.15-05-002 et al.) Workshop #4, December 4, 2015, presentations: 

  1. SMAP Workshop #4 Agenda  
  2. Workshop Introduction 
  3. SED ALARP White Paper Presentation  
  4. Preliminary SED Staff ALARP White Paper 
  5. Final Staff White Paper on ALARP 
  6. SMAP Combined Utilities Comments on ALARP White Paper Dec 1 2015 3:10pm 
  7. Sam Savage Presentation Optimization Under ALARP 
  8. SMAP IOUs Uniformity Report Presentation 
  9. SED SMAP Workshop 4 Accountability Presentation   


Safety Model Assessment Proceeding Workshop #3, October 6, 2015, presentations:  

    1. SMAP Workshop #3 Agenda 
    2. SED SMAP Workshop #3 Slides 
    3. SDG&E Wildfire Slides 
    4. SDG&E Natural Gas Slides 
    5. SCE Example Slides 
    6. PG&E Electricity Slides 
    7. PG&E Gas Slides 
    8. SED RAMP Presentation 
    9. SDG&E RAMP Presentation 


Safety Model Assessment Proceeding Workshop #2, September 21-22, 2015, presentations: 

  1. Agenda  
  2. Risk Lexicon Working Group Presentation 
  3. SED PowerPoint Presentation 


Safety Model Assessment Proceeding Workshop #1, August 3, 2015, presentations: