211 Information Services

2-1-1 is the free telephone number by which Californians can obtain information and referral to health and human service programs.  

Generally, 2-1-1 provides telephone and web services that promote public safety during non-emergency situations.  During emergency or disaster situations, 2-1-1 provides critical public information, such as information on shelters, food distribution, evacuations, road closures and transportation issues, utility outages, school closures, medical and housing assistance, government aid, mitigation and repairs, such as sand bags, emergency alerts, such as riots and looting, as well as public health warnings.  Additionally, 2-1-1 service providers offer contact information and access to many local, state and national hotlines, including poison control, suicide, child abuse, adult abuse, teen bullying/cyber-bullying and other crises, domestic violence, veteran issues, immediate shelter, food and health needs, and many other social services that are not currently addressed by either 9-1-1 or 3-1-1 services.  

For more information on 211, please visit 2-1-1California.

Information on How to Become 211 Information and Referral Service Providers

Organizations seeking to provide information and referral services via 2-1-1 dialing apply to the CPUC for authority to use the special code, as detailed in D. 03-02-029, Appendix A.  In 2015, the CPUC approved Resolution T-17487 and granted the authority to use the 2-1-1 abbreviated dialing code to provide information and referral services to Merced and Mariposa Counties.  As of November 2015, the CPUC has approved 2-1-1 services in 37 counties serving approximately 95% percent of California’s population.  

Recent Resolutions Granting 211 Authority:                                                      

 T-17487 – 211 Merced and Mariposa Counties

 T-17441 – 211 San Joaquin County

 T-17406 – 211 San Benito County                            

 T-17394  211 Butte County                        

 T-17393 – 211 Tehama County                  

 T-17381– 211 Humboldt County

 T-17254 – 211 Imperial County

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