Video Franchise Applications - 2017

 November 17, 2017

•     The City of Beverly Hills
               º    Cover Letter
               º    Application 
               º    Video Franchise Data 

 October 2, 2017

     •    Comcast (Renewal Application)
               º    Application
               º    List of Local Entities
               º    Shapefiles 

Charter Communications

     •    CCO SoCal I, LLC (Renewal Application)
                º    Cover Letter
                º    Application
                º    List of local Entities
                º    Shapefiles

        Falcon Cable Systems Company II, LP (Renewal Application)
                º     Cover Letter
                º     Application
                º     List of Local Entities 
                º     Shapefiles

         Falcon Telecable (Renewal Application)
                º      Cover Letter
                º      Application 
                º      List of Local Entities
                º      Shapefiles
     •     Time Warner Cable Pacific West LLC (Renewal Application)
                º     Cover Letter
                º     Application
                º     List of Local Entities
                º     Shapefiles  

September 29, 2017

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September 22, 2017

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