How to Request ADR

 ADR is available in formal proceedings and for disputes that are likely to be filed as formal proceedings before the CPUC. You may request ADR using one of the following approaches:

Ask the Assigned ALJ: If you are involved in a formal proceeding, you may ask the Assigned ALJ about the availability of ADR at the first prehearing conference or at any other hearing before the judge.

File a Written Request: If you are involved in a formal proceeding, you may file (and serve on all other parties) a written request for ADR. The judge will normally wait for other parties to respond and then respond directly to the request or indirectly through the ADR Coordinator.

Contact the ADR Coordinator: You may also contact the ADR Coordinator to request ADR assistance in a formal proceeding or for a dispute that will likely be filed as a formal proceeding before the CPUC. The ADR Coordinator will likely discuss the request with the Assigned ALJ and other parties. The ADR Coordinator will then tell parties whether ADR will be available. Call the ADR Coordinator, Call the ADR Coordinator, ALJ Kimberly H. Kim (415-703-1558) or send her an email at: Please include your name, telephone number, e-mail address, the formal proceeding number (if any), and a brief description of the dispute.

Normally, requests should be made early in a formal proceeding. However, ADR may also be requested at any time in a formal proceeding if parties believe ADR will assist in promptly resolving the dispute. Parties must participate in good faith, or the ALJ neutral will terminate the process.

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