Comment on the Decentralization Report Workshop Summary

Pursuant to Senate Bill (SB) 840 the CPUC is required to explore options to locate operations and staff outside of its San Francisco headquarters. Also, pursuant to SB 840 the CPUC was asked to conduct workshops to hear from interested stakeholders regarding this matter. The complete report is due to the Legislature by March 31, 2017.

In this page you will find the following:

  1.  Outline and Timeline for the report  
  2.  Summary of the Workshop Comments – we have summarized and paraphrased what we heard during the workshops. Also, below are the documents that we have received from the unions and other stakeholder groups. We have also received individual comments, which are not included.

* SEIU Regionalization Workshop Letter and Presentation
* Professional Engineers in California Government (PECG) Letter
* Energy and Telecommunication Advisory Council Letter

We Want To Hear From You

  1. For those who attended the workshops, please review the Summary of Workshop Comments to make sure we have captured the essence of comments from the various stakeholders who spoke at the workshops and those who submitted comments afterwards.
  2.  Any feedback on the Summary of Workshop report is due by Jan. 20, 2017. All comments should be submitted below.
  3.  Any questions, please contact Mikhail Haramati at or 916-445-5071.

 Thank you and we appreciate your feedback.

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